Monday, May 4, 2020

The Child, Rotta and Ahsoka

Ahsoka with Babies Yoda and Hutt:
(A Last Minute Effort for May the Fourth And the End of The Clone Wars)

Now that the kids are blasé teenagers, I sometimes forget just how intense their affection for things Star Wars was (and still is, under the cool exteriors). 

As he was a fan of the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars shorts from 2003, it took our older son a while to warm up to Ahsoka and the weekly series in 2008.

But now both kids appreciate Ahsoka and are very much looking forward to her promised appearance on The  Mandalorian.

I am told there is fan speculation about her relationship with The Child.

However, as she was the caretaker for the annoying baby Hutt, Rotta, I wonder if she would be excited to have another infant-minding job.

My son also reports that she is going to be really old in the Mandalorian timeline. ....Not quite as old as his mother, of course. 

And I definitely have little interest in minding small children, or 50 year old infants.

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