Friday, April 17, 2020

Exercise During Remote Learning

Restorative Exercise Breaks Between Stimulating Remote Learning Classes:

It has been said that because of recent world events: in the war between the screens and the not-screens, the screens have definitely triumphed.

Our sons have never been convinced of the goodness of exercise or the merits of outdoor activities. 

And the harder I am selling something, the harder the pass. 

I would like to say these things are a recent development, but, no they’re not. 
My ability to form memories was severely compromised by extreme sleep deprivation for many years during their early childhood....but I can clearly recall our first son prone on the floor wailing, “I HATE OUTSIDE!” when he was a toddler trying to avoid a trip to the playground.

So this stay-home-all-day-with-your-WIFI  hasn’t exactly been the kids’ worst nightmare come true. 

Though after a month, there have been suggestions that they might actually miss going to school.  

Exercise, probably not so much.

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