Thursday, June 27, 2019

Happy Bomb Pop Day/ Throwback Thursday

Happy Last Thursday in June
(It’s National Bomb Pop Day,
Did you know?)

Unfortunately there is no fresh napkin for this year’s observance of this important holiday, so we are revisiting some from days past.

Deadpool was sucking food coloring through his mask back in 2017.
The Minions were offering a treat to Thanos the same year.
....And then to a Tyrannosaurus in 2015.
The Velociraptors date from last summer, but they are out of chronological order because I forgot about them.
And the Predator and Alien were celebrating the Fourth of July with Uncle Sam way back in 2013.

Our kids aren’t much interested in Bomb Pops these days. 

It’s hard to eat one in front of the PlayStation. 



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