Monday, December 24, 2018

Holiday Wrapping

I am always pleased to have an excuse to do some low stakes drawings.

(Thus, really, the whole napkin enterprise.)

I’ve been recently reminded that wrapping paper is another chance to make some quick drawings that don’t have to be good. After all, it’s all going to be cut up and taped together.

The cat and dog are the very important pets of the kids’ aunt and uncle. 

The zombie Santa and miscellaneous dogs, shark, goldfish, and menorah were for the kids.

And mediocre gifts are always bettered by handmade wrapping paper...right?

Perhaps I might consider cutting up all my drawings and taping them on boxes. (Or around socks and t-shirts as they were here) 

It couldn’t hurt. 

But not the napkins of course.

Happy Holidays!
(If you have one, hope your tree looks better than ours!)

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