Monday, October 8, 2018

Inktober 2018 Day 7

Problems With Depth Perception:

Human eyes are pretty distinctive because of the amount of sclera (white) in relation to iris and pupil. Evolutionary biologists have theorized that the large white is there to help us see one another’s gaze and read all of the important social information contained within it. 

As my younger son helpfully pointed out, the multiple eye meme is way played out. Many people have painted additional eyes on their faces, or just photoshopped on an extra set or two. 

But pedant that I am, I have to point out that most of these multiple eye iterations don’t consider where all those eyes are gazing.  

If you had multiple eyes, would you use them all to look at one thing, or to send one message?

Fun fact: I pretty much have monocular vision. Both of my two eyes work, but my brain only talks to one of them regularly. When I was a child, the unused eye used to wander, and had to be taught to follow the other one. 

While I was a child, I could never figure out why it was so important to my parents that I keep the recessive eye following the dominant one. Of course, later I was grateful that they insisted, as wandering eyes can be....distracting.

While studying sculpture in college, I had a lot of anxiety about my monocular vision. Could I really make three dimensional work if I couldn’t actually see three dimensions? 

I hope the answer is yes.

But if I had eight eyes, who knows?

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