Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Internet Famous Canines

Vicarious Social Media Fame 
(relative & brief)

We noticed that a napkin featuring blogger Lance Stewart & Lizzie Wurst’s puppy Theo (from our internet famous dog series) posted on 210official’s instagram received a mere 52,000 more likes our posts usually receive. 

Thanks @210official!

We did have some previous experience with this sort of vicarious social media liking.

A previous Instagram famous dog napkin featuring Logan Paul and his dog Kong was posted on Twitter by Cody Carlile and got at least 1300 more likes than our posting. Sadly, Mr. Carlile blocked our account after we commended him on his popularity and his amazing ability to make a drawing on a “tissue” that strongly resembled our napkin. (I can only assume that it is even more difficult to draw on tissues than on napkins.) 

I was sorry that he blocked us as I had wanted to take a screenshot of the well liked napkin- we are lucky to accrue 5 or 6 likes for our most popular posts on Twitter. I was also enjoying Mr. Carlile’s very modest and sincere responses to the many people on Twitter who commented how amazing his drawing skills were. 

My younger son was quite aggrieved that our napkin had been pirated...and then officially praised by Logan Paul himself. (This was back before Mr. Paul had disgraced himself by behaving inappropriately on YouTube...well, more inappropriately than usual.)

My son wanted to somehow rectify the situation and penalize this Cody Carlile individual for his plagiarism. But I observed that Mr. Carlile appeared to be a non adult person, so it seemed particularly inappropriate for me to pursue him for a bad online choice. 

And, it is always amusing to know that the napkins could be more popular...if only they were not posted by me.

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