Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Terraria Avatars

I have been quite remiss about posting napkins this summer. There have been fewer new ones of course, as we have been working off of the backlog from the school year. And, I have been busy obsessing about my health, the kids'  health and about food.  This is all probably a story for another day and another venue.

But I am going to try to post a few that have gone undigitized over the last month or so.

These two were specific requests that I draw "realistic" versions of the kids' personal avatars in the game Terraria.  Terraria is a fairly low detail, 8 bit sort of game, visually speaking.  While the bosses, NPCs and other characters and costumes are many and creatively conceived and named, there is not a lot of realistic detail available.

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of these two avatars from the game itself... but suffice it to say, I exercised a good bit of creative license.  These two napkins HAD to be completed simultaneously, as, OBVIOUSLY, one kids could not take an avatar napkin to camp while the other kid went without... so these were drawn in perhaps one third the time that I might usually spend on a napkin, so they are what they are...

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