Sunday, November 9, 2014

Simon and Cats from "Jinx"

Ansel enjoyed reading Sage Blackwood's novel "Jinx," and particularly seemed to like the idea of living with a wizard and his 27 cats.

Ansel was concerned that the bottled wizard on this napkin would be mistaken for Jesus because he was robed and barefoot. I told him that I wasn't too worried as you don't see too many depictions of Jesus wearing purple and standing inside a bottle. Nonetheless, as the drawing progressed, I did feel the need to put a Lord of the Rings style hat on him to suggest something wizardly rather than biblical.  Ansel told me later that he was embarrassed by the drawing because Simon looked like "Jesus in a sunhat."

We have ordered the second and third books in the series. I am afraid that I will have to work on both my wizard and glass bottle drawing skills.

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