Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Arthas from World of Warcraft with Giant Hamster

Video games that they are too young to play continue to entice our kids.  More specifically, our almost 11 year old does the research and then reports the highlights of the weapons, armor, powers (and occasionally the plot points) to our 7 year old, so they can crash around the living room in the guise of various characters.

Lately there has been some sort of a Skyrim/ World of Warcraft mash-up going on while they are destroying our furniture.  I've only been able to catch the mentions of "Arthas," the "Dragon Born" and much shouting of "Fus Ro Dah."  Not really knowing what they were playing, I paired Arthas with a giant version of Fluffy the class hamster in place of a dragon or monster sidekick. 

Ansel seemed satisfied with the drawing this morning.  It has armor and skulls and that is probably good enough.

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