Monday, September 16, 2013

Nanny McPhee and Uncle Grandpa Compare Notes and Orthodontic Histories

Trapped indoors on Sunday afternoon while we tried to determine whether he was coming down with a cold or not, Ansel sat through part of a "Nanny McPhee" movie fairly happily.  His older brother was in another room, so Ansel was able to watch a story that had some dialogue, plot, female characters... and not too many weapons, without suffering fraternal derision.  Archer did join Ansel for a few moments here and there... long enough to comment, "Nanny McPhee is a bit of an asshole."  Well, yes, she was a little hard on those misbehaving children....

Uncle Grandpa indulges in some magic abuse of a wayward child himself in the latest episode of his show (Emperor vs Emperor) as he turns the disobedient kid into a monster with a mayonnaise spatula for a hand.

Needless to say, our boys prefer the cartoon guy with the beanie to the British lady with the moles.  I try to keep my feelings about such things to myself as I noticed long ago that the more I express my dislike for something, the more compelling it is for my sons.

And after Archer's obsession with "The Doodlebops" back in 2006.... let's just say, I had to become much more aesthetically and conceptually flexible... or kill myself.  (Here's a Doodlebop link if you don't know what I mean and are a glutton for punishment)  And there is something to be said for kids' shows that are written for stoned adults.  They are less sanctimonious.

The presence of Nanny McPhee made Ansel hate this napkin.  I suspected as much, but somehow could not restrain myself from pairing the two snaggletoothed magic adults.

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