Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Macho Tooth Fairy

After much anxious waiting, Ansel finally lost his first tooth last weekend.  To be more  precise, it was yanked from his mouth by a highly paid professional.

Ansel is about 93% sure that the Tooth Fairy does not exist and that any under the pillow money is coming from his parents.  But both he and his even more jaded older brother don't want to completely undermine the Tooth Fairy concept and risk putting an end to future coin. 

We had some conversation about the gender of the supposed Fairy of Teeth.  The girliness of the concept seemed to trouble both boys.  And they want absolutely nothing to do with the  Dwayne Johnson movie- a tough guy in a tutu with feathery wings?  You must be kidding, Mom.

So what would an appropriately masculine version of this character look like?  Ansel suggested dragon wings rather than fluffy bird wings, sunglasses, black clothes and a six pack of course.  I immediately ran into satanic leather daddy references when put these attributes together.  Perhaps one does not really want to imagine a black clad muscular guy with leathery wings rummaging around under your kid's pillows while they are asleep?

I sweetened Mr. Tooth Fairy up a bit, lightening his clothing and making the teeth in his bandolier collection large- you know- because he is tiny and non-threatening.  But he is wearing "macho" sunglasses- or more specifically, sunglasses like those sported by the now deceased pro wrestler Macho Man.  (Google "Macho Man Sunglasses" if you haven't already wasted enough time here.)  Ansel did not get the reference (happily) but liked the glasses.

His final response to this napkin: "You want me to take THIS to camp?....Well... I kind of want to take it." 

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