Friday, May 1, 2015

Baby Godzilla Blocks the Brooklyn Bridge's Pedestrian Walkway

A larger walkway obstacle than oblivious tourists with selfie sticks.

Since we had Godzilla and the bridge on the napkin yesterday, Baby Godzilla seemed like the only logical follow-up...well, other than Mothra...or Mechagodzilla. It appears to be a little unclear in the Kaiju universe just how large the infant is supposed to be. In at least one of the movies, he is conveniently person-in-a-lizard-suit sized. But I thought it would be appropriate if he were larger than that, but just small enough to fit on the walkway between the cables.

I used to bike the kids over the Brooklyn Bridge to an occupational therapy appointment in Manhattan on Friday afternoons. The bridge passage was invariably jammed with sightseers photographing themselves while standing  in the bike lane. Mercifully, this was a couple of years ago and before the invention of the selfie stick. I hear things have gotten even more complicated on the bridge since.

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