Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Peregrine Falcon and Brooklyn Bridge

A rare napkin appearance of a realistic animal.

My son's 2nd grade class is studying the Brooklyn Bridge until the end of this school year.
In my continuing effort to draw something slightly related to school curriculum...yet still cool enough to impress 8 year olds, I tried a real animal.

I somehow tripped over the information that Peregrine Falcons nest on top of several of the bridges here in NYC. It is unclear to me whether falcons live on the Brooklyn Bridge itself. There are "falcon cams" on several other area bridges. (Here's a link to the NYC government page for Peregrine news)

I am pretty sure, however, that a Peregrine might fly past the bridge, so I went with that concept.  Drawing complicated rectilinear structures in perspective is definitely not my strong suit, so I tried to cover as much of the bridge as possible with the non rectangular bird.

I tagged along as a parent chaperone yesterday morning when my son's class walked to a nearby park with bridge views  and spent an hour sketching the Brooklyn Bridge. I tried unsuccessfully to draw the scene along with the kids. My son sat next me, complaining that his drawing was not as good as mine.

First of all, I want to record here for internet posterity: Kid, your drawing is much better.

He should not, of course, be comparing his drawings with mine anyway, and I feel like a lousy parent when he does. I do have memories of having similar conversations with my own parents. And I also remember not believing them when they told me that they liked my drawings better.  Sadly, I now  understand all too well that advancing age and training does not necessarily improve one's draftsmanship.


  1. I remember having the exact same conversation with my dad as well when I was young. But drawing does improve with practice and perhaps one day your son might overtake all of us!

    1. I am hoping! It would not take much to overtake me! I just don't want him to stress about it now.

    2. You're cutting yourself too short - drawing on napkings with pens is no easy challenge! And doing it everyday! Phew! There aren't many who can do it!