Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Useful Unicorn

Our younger son recently rediscovered the book "101 Ways to Use a Unicorn" by Robb Pearlman and Dave Urban.

While it is perhaps not quite as sublime as its predecessor, "101 Ways to Kill a Zombie," our sons find this book pretty amusing. It's greatest appeal is of course that it includes some concepts that require adult explanation, like "Greek diner check spindle" or more importantly, "proctological instrument."

I cannot remember what number "Toilet paper roll holder" is in the book, but as it is featured on the cover of the book, it seemed like the obvious choice for a napkin.

I drew a much less utilitarian background and sweetened up the image in an effort to avoid offending the female unicorn enthusiasts in my son's classroom.

I have to admit that I myself was inordinately enthusiastic about unicorns when I was in second grade. Few things pleased me more at the time than using a purple marker to draw horses with wings or a horn. 

When I was my son's age and younger, I intensely coveted the fancy art markers that my parents used to color product design illustrations.   I recently had the idiotic realization that all this marker and napkin stuff is a perfect realization of the drawing fantasies I had when I was a small child. It's pretty pathetic, actually.

And minus the toilet paper, I would have been extremely pleased with this image four decades ago.

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