Friday, May 8, 2015

Dragon Perched on Brooklyn Bridge

"If dragons are real, can we have one, please?"

There are some periods of time when my sons are not obsessed with dragons. But, they never lose interest entirely. 

I am not sure how we got started on this recent surge in dragon enthusiasm, but suddenly the kids are carrying around "Dragonworld: Secrets of the Dragon Domain" by S.A. Caldwell again. Or more precisely, I am schlepping the giant book around in my backpack. Our younger son needed as it a visual aid this morning so that he could discuss with his friends what sort of dragon he is going to have as a pet/companion. But the book was much too precious to leave at school...or maybe just too heavy.

At any rate, it seemed like it was time for a dragon to appear on the Brooklyn Bridge. As usual I was not quite up to the perspectival challenge, but fire is always fun to draw.

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