Friday, April 24, 2015

Yoda with Sphynx Cat

Hair Matters Not:
A napkin for a kid who appreciates hairless cats and Star Wars more than our kids do.

(Yoda seemed like the obvious character from the Star Wars universe to pair with a wizened, hairless cat: The ears. The eyes. The otherworldly skin folds....)

Our kids often tell me that things are not fair and are too hard for them. They suffer through the many indignities of homework, bedtimes and myriad deprivations involving television, video games and toys  Earlier this week, one of my sons might even have spent 45 minutes bitterly complaining about my refusal to give him a dollar to spend on a video game purchase.

So, yes, there is a world full of kids out there that are dealing more gracefully with much more challenging conditions than my kids are.  Of course I try to help them appreciate how good they have it, but it is a continuing personal and parental challenge, and I am definitely not impressed with our progress so far.

It would obviously be impossible for me to draw a picture for every child who is facing difficult circumstances, but perhaps the very small gesture of doing this one will at least encourage some of the occupants of our house not to whine so much about trivial things....for 5 or 10 minutes, maybe.

And we will hope that the recipient of this particular napkin will someday be in a situation where video game deprivation is his most pressing concern.

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