Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bonemaster Skull with Broccoli

Even the evil need nutritious food.

The Bonemaster is the main bad guy in Sage Blackwood's "Jinx" series.  While he seems a fairly reserved and even courteous fellow, we discover that he comes by his name honestly.  He stockpiles the bones of his victims and later proves to be capable of animating the remains in true Ray Harryhausen fashion...And he has done something magic involving his own skeleton.....

But the Bonemaster appears to be the sort of organized fellow who would eat a healthy diet.

My sons are not terribly interested in the concept of healthy eating, but they do eat a lot of broccoli....(maybe just because they like it???)

This is a family secret that I should probably not share on the internet. My sons will resent me for spoiling their coolness and outing them as broccoli eaters, but I don't think this is the sort of revelation that will stand in the way of their future college admissions or employment.

(It has been a while since the last napkin featuring broccoli. You can see the previous broccoli napkins at this link.  There have been quite a few... although not nearly as many as the napkins with strawberries.)

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