Sunday, April 26, 2015

Clumsy Ninjas

High Five between Ice and Forest Ninjas:

I  am afraid my sons may have spent an excessive amount of time playing "Clumsy Ninja" today.
It is an interactive game by Natural Motion. One can "train," tickle, tie balloons to...or if you are my sons, let him dangle pathetically a few feet off the ground, legs kicking haplessly, while shouting sarcastically, "Look! He's Superman!"

My sons just read the above and told me that I made them sound like jerks...but they would like me to add that they have discovered that inflicting dizziness and a tornado on the ninja simultaneously results in something that looks very much like break dancing.

This image is drawn on actual sheet of paper, and not a napkin. It was a sort of a test run because in the not too distant future I need to produce a drawing that is considerably larger than the average dinner napkin. I spent a significant amount of time shopping for paper that would behave sort of like a napkin. I cannot say that I had any success. Napkins are a horrible, uncooperative surface to work on, but ironically, (and pathetically) I cannot seem to cope with a less fragile and less absorbent paper surface.

I'm giving some serious thought to paper tablecloths as a medium.

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