Friday, April 17, 2015

Ghost Terrier

Four legged fluff from beyond.

Even since a viewing of "Ghost Busters" a couple of years ago, my older son has had a healthy interest in the topic of ghost hunting. We saw Jordan Wittt at last weekend's comic arts fest and had to check out her web comics about the Organization of Ghost Hunters and the story "The Ghost Dog" in particular.

Our younger son is only mildly interested in ghosts, but dogs are another story. The ghostly canine in Jordan Witt's web comic looks more like a husky, but I thought perhaps we should go smaller and cuter.

Sometimes I can feel myself weakening on the topic of a pet dog. I did really enjoy living with a cat or two during my childhood and early adulthood...and that was even despite the peeing on my mail, the depositing of live rodents into my bed, and the barfing into my accordion file folders full of tax documents. I would like my sons to be able to experience some sort of furry, somewhat gratifying pet.

Cats are out of the question if I want my husband to continue breathing, so that leaves us debating the possibility of a "small, washable, trainable dog." But I can barely manage the care, feeding and training of my sons, and I seriously doubt the wisdom of adding another source of body fluids and bad behavior to our home.

If one were available, a ghost dog would truly be the best solution.

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