Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Peeps

A second silly Easter napkin:

We went to "Full Bunny Contact" again this year.  
The highlight of this "alternative" easter event for my sons is "Shoot the Peep" where one gets to fire a paintball gun at a guy who is dressed approximately in the spirit of the yellow marshmallow easter candies.  Last year the Peep passively cowered behind his riot shield and was relatively easy to hit.  Although he did still have a riot shield, this year's Peep was wearing considerably less protective gear and was not standing still waiting for small boys to target him. 

Thank goodness our kids' sadness at lack of Peep shooting accuracy was upstaged by a subsequent ride on a mechanical bull dressed up as a large bunny rabbit. 

But I felt that maybe the napkin should give the Peeps the upper hand, perspectivally at least. 

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