Thursday, April 16, 2015

Werechipmunk from "Jinx" Series

Kinda cute... but don't mess with his acorns.

As our younger son took all three of the novels in the series to school, it seemed like time for another "Jinx" themed napkin.

Werewolves play an important role in the Urwald, the enchanted forest of the series. There are several references to other "were" animals like werebears and werechipmunks. And the main character, a boy who has a deep, magical connection to the forest, is derisively referred to as "the werechipmunk" by some of his enemies.

I am not sure exactly what these animals look like or how they behave. While they don't morph into people, the werewolves engage in human-like behaviors; two legged locomotion, speech and the deciphering of ancient texts.  Meanwhile, these werewolves are scarier and more dangerous to humans than the average wolf.

Is it the same case for the werechipmunks? Are they dangerous killers? Can they speak?...and maybe sing in pop bands?...We came to the conclusion that perhaps they were small and endearing, but simultaneously rather formidable and dangerous.

My sons are ready to get behind anything that is cute and furry but still deadly.

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