Monday, July 13, 2015

Pikachu and a Minion Cosplay as One Another

What's small,  yellow, cute, doesn't speak English or have visible genitals?

We've noticed the obvious similarities between these characters previously. There was a Pikachu/Minion napkin back in 2013.  At least on that occasion, I did not neglect to draw Pikachu's nose. I don't know what happened last night that made me forget such an important piece of anatomy.  I see now that I also neglected to put red dots on the Minion's cheeks.....Sigh. I can only blame once again the two napkins a night problem.

Yes, we saw the Minions movie over the weekend.  It was not optional as far as my kids were concerned. They loved it of course. I remember some of it. Although the movie does blend seamlessly in my mind with my previous repeated viewings of the trailers, so I am not sure how much new information I have actually retained.

While my older son and I were discussing the pairing on this napkin yesterday, he specified that despite the two characters being done up like each other, the Minion should not be naked....because....that would just be too disturbing.  This led to a mildly disturbing discussion of what was going on with the Minions genderwise.  I argued that they were likely male...or at least not specifically female, since they all seem to have male names. And they often dress up in female drag clearly for humorous effect.  This comic cross dressing is in fact my biggest gripe about the Minions, but it is by no means unique to them. If a non human character doesn't have eyelashes, hairbows, and isn't wearing a silly dress, then it can't be female.  And if it's male and is wearing a dress, then it is HILARIOUS.

The kids were not really convinced either way, and they generally tune out their mother's feminist harranguing anyway.  We agreed that the Minions must reproduce asexually, perhaps through cloning or some sort of binary fission. (Now there's a disturbing thought)

One could ask similar gender questions about Pokemon characters like Pikachu.... (Although I know people will be happy to rise to the challenge and explain the rules of Pokemon gender to me.)

Let's just say that I think its best that they all keep their pants on.

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