Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stitch and Paddington Bear

Insipidly cute, yet quite destructive:
Movie "pets" my son would really like to have live at our house.

I am ashamed to say that  despite my constant children's literature promoting enthusiasm, I somehow managed to neglect "A Bear Called Paddington" and all of its over 150 subsequently published sequels and spin-offs.

Despite not having read any of the books, Ansel is quite enthusiastic about the impending release of the Paddington Bear movie. The trailer seems to foreground the bear's capacity for inadvertent yet humorous mayhem.

After watching "Lilo and Stitch," we've spent the last few weeks discussing how nice it would be to have a pet like Stitch. I guess this means one that is vaguely dog-like, cute, funny...and a sentient alien that can talk.

I suspect after "Paddington" opens later this month, we will be debating the merits of pet bears.


  1. Super great idea. Your art work is magical. I have lunch, 2x a week, with 104 first graders. Wish I had your talent. I hand out stickers instead.

    1. Belatedly, thanks! I cannot imagine surviving lunch with more than a handful of first graders! Stickers sound good to me!