Wednesday, January 14, 2015

El Deafo

Super Bunny with Hearing Aids:

Our kids were very taken with Cece Bell's graphic Novel "El Deafo." 

Ms. Bell tells the autobiographical story of her years in lower school, struggling to fit in and feel good about herself while wearing a clunky hearing aid. Everyone in the story is drawn as cartoon rabbits: clothes-wearing, human-hair-having rabbits.  

Our boys were perhaps slightly disappointed by the lack of dire plot developments.  Nothing explodes, There are no weapons. Cece is not even apprehended at the conclusion when she uses her hearing aids as a tool to enable her friends to get away with goofing off in class when the teacher is out of the room. 

Our dyslexic younger son, nonetheless, was particularly moved by the message that being different can actually turn out to be a super power. 

Having a lunch napkin with a picture of a rabbit with bangs and what now looks like ear buds probably doesn't quality as a super power, however.

An image from the cover of El Deafo:

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