Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Goons Run Rampant in New York

Happy Snow Day:

As you may have heard, it snowed some  in NYC last night. If you don't live in the vicinity, perhaps you missed the mayor announcing on television that not only was he recommending that everyone should stay home, but that any unauthorized person found driving after 11 pm would run the risk of being arrested. The subways were shut down also, so transportation options were rather limited.

Of course the storm did not live up to its once in a lifetime, "stay home or die...or at least be arrested" predictions. 

Which leads up to the question of why was martial law declared last night?

Perhaps it was snow goons.

(If you are wondering why I say "snow goons"...I mean the Calvin and Hobbes variety: here's the book, and a gallery)

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