Monday, January 12, 2015

Barry From Jetpack Joyride

I am afraid that I am going to make an ugly admission, but I think I was born without the ability to enjoy playing video games. 

In particular, those that are all about eye/hand coordination- getting some animated mass of pixels to jump or shoot at just the right time- leave me rather cold. 

I don't think my lack of appreciation is just a result of my advancing age. My family were among the early adopters of things digital and had an Atari Pong game for our television set. (Yes, I am THAT old.) In fact, aside from a brief obsession with playing Galaxian in an arcade during a 7th grade class trip, (so much better than talking to boys while wearing a bathing suit!) I think "Pong" may have been the last time I was really excited about playing a video game.

As I mentioned, I don't think my age or gender are the only problems. I have had many friends over the years who tried to convince me of the Fun to be had in playing. I had acquaintances who lost college semesters to Tetris, and boyfriends who subjected me to endless explanations of the joys of first person shooters.

And now there is the matter of my sons.

I am usually successful in at least appreciate the games they play as a spectator. I still don't want to play them myself...If, for instance, I play Minecraft, I immediately fall into a hole and can barely be motivated to get my pathetic self out...

The thrill of games like Halfbrick's Jetpack Joyride definitely elude me. We logged some time in an arcade over the weekend, and I had trouble understanding why we should spend gobs of money to play a game that the kids already have on the iPad. 

But clearly, it was worth it.

Ansel was not impressed, however, with my goofy napkin version of Barry. He told me in no uncertain terms that the original comic version was much better.

...Just telling the truth, mom. 

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