Thursday, February 4, 2016

Box of Markers

Smarter than a box of rocks?

Thanks to the newly available Copic Marker box, all of the markers are now in one container.
This may be my most significant accomplishment for the week. Not only did I buy this box and the containers that fit inside it, I then managed to move all of the markers into it...

Posting this picture, I am outing myself as a person with way too many markers. Maybe you are thinking, my god that is a lot of markers... maybe you are thinking that I ought to be able to make better drawings with all of those markers. You are probably right.

The markers used to live in a couple of "ArtBins" but the tops did not close very well, and once a month or so, during a sword fight, one of the kids would knock one over, leading to an unhappy half an hour of marker retrieval and reorganization. While not bombproof, or childproof, this thing latches shut and is smaller and easier to put away.

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