Monday, June 22, 2015

Pandalf From "Monster Legends"

If Ian McKellen were a green-eyed Panda:

Our older son is still hard at work on the Monster Legends game. Apparently Pandalf, "part wizard, part panda," according to the Wiki is a desirable character. I cannot speak to his particular attributes, but I would like to report that the egg that he hatches from has both a beard and a hat on it, which seems peculiar.

I tried to cludge together a realistic panda and the obvious source material, Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings. The Panda wizard has multiple forms, and is, of course, cuter in the game than my drawing.  

My son would like me to add that he named his Pandalf, "Gandalf" in what is either a total failure of imagination, or some sort of meta-simplicity.

This drawing was perhaps a bit slapdash, as we had a couple of people from the Today show over for a visit last week. I had to cook it up on the spot and draw it under a hot light with a camera hanging over my shoulder.  

But let's be honest, the real problem was performance anxiety.

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