Friday, June 19, 2015

Dragon Rider

In a very surprising turn of events, my younger son asked me to draw a picture of him riding a dragon.

He is usually violently, if not hysterically, opposed to any attempted depictions. I suspect that the mixed age group of summer arts camp is proving to be a more receptive audience for the unveiling of lunchtime napkins than the second grade classroom.  He reported a lot of teasing and criticism from his from his rather conformist classmates during the school year. His less socially sensitive older brother is also eating lunch in the same room at camp, so he has some backup.

Still, I was somewhat surprised by the request. He had just rejected a pet raptor napkin with his likeness on it a few days ago.

Somehow, it was a long week, so my attention to this particular dragon was limited. I did my best to splice dragons from "Dragon Age" and "Skyrim," particularly cribbing from a nice image by "Dragon Age" concept artist, Matt Rhodes which I cannot seem to locate now.

It's not a fantastic dragon or a particularly fine portrait of my son,...but I thought the contrast between the purple sky and the orange flame is nice.

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