Sunday, June 21, 2015

Inside Out with Dinosaurs

But who should be riding which dinosaur?

We've seen the trailer for Pixar's "Inside Out" more times than I can count. Perhaps due to overexposure, I found myself fairly annoyed by it.  My kids, however, remained enthusiastic about the trailer and the prospect of seeing the movie...that is, right up until the time that I suggested that we should go see it this weekend.

I think we had all started to focus on the fact that the movie was mostly about a girl and the balance between happiness and sadness. This realization, (and the uniformly positive reviews) made me want to take my sons to see it, while it made them resist.

It's certainly not that we are against the expression of emotions around here. We are particularly good at sharing the negative ones. But perhaps the  perceived girliness of the movie did not make them want to see it immediately...

And whatever I'm selling, they're not buying...just on principle.

Putting the emotion girls on dinosaurs did not help. My younger son looked at this napkin today and announced, "I am not taking THAT to camp!" He then wanted to know what my rational was for putting Sadness on the Indominus Rex. I guess I was fantasizing a more playful interaction between the dinosaurs than the one that concludes "Jurassic World." Perhaps in the next sequel, the Rexes will be pals...

But I'm afraid that Anger should probably be on the napkin, riding the Mosasaurus. (That's the giant dinosaur that comes out of the water to eat the great white shark in the ad campaign) Luckily, I did not have room.

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