Thursday, June 25, 2015

Blogs From Germany

"Even artists have to lubricate the school bread for their children."
 The napkins received a little online exposure from Germany, leading to some fun with Google Translate.

Katja Hentschel, a writer for the German lifestyle blog Glowbus, was briefly a sitter for our older son, long ago when he was an only child.  She wrote a nice little piece about us and the napkins, generously making our family sound a whole lot more cool than we were.... or are.

You can see her blog post here: 
Glowbus Blog
And you can  read the Text of Katja's blog post courtesy of Google Translate.

Because of Katja's nice post, we heard from the German edition of Wired Magazine.
They asked me and the kids to respond to a questionnaire for a series that translates as "Network Famous"
You can see the questionnaire in German here: German Edition of Wired Magazine
And you can read the text of the article in English  both the original answers that I submitted, and a very amusing translation courtesy of Google Translate)

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