Thursday, March 12, 2015

Snoopybabe and Echo

Internet Cats & Robots #8
World Domination Through Saucer-Eyed Cuteness.

Snoopybabe is a relatively new Chinese arrival to the internet cat pantheon (264,000 followers on Instagram, vs Grumpy Cats at 581,000)

While they enjoy fantasizing about violent superpowers and whacking things with sticks, my sons are also connoisseurs of cuteness and quite susceptible to the charms of this cat.

Ansel  really liked last year's movie "Earth to Echo" in which a group of kids help a darling Keene-eyed mechanical creature evade terrestrial adult authorities and assemble a space ship. In the movie, the kids assume Echo to be a harmless victim that needs to be protected from the authorities, but my cynical adult perspective makes me wonder what the alien might really be up to...

All humans, and certainly not just my sons, seem programmed to respond favorably to flat faces with giant eyes. Any invading alien force would do well to style itself after internet cats like Snoopybabe.

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