Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cat Memes: Cat Bearding and Catman

Very hypoallergenic versions of two internet fads from years past.

Since we've been marinating in internet cat references recently, I thought why not indulge in two of the silliest, (but yet still oddly compelling) of the cat photo fads from the last few years. Cat Bearding dates from 2011-2 and seems to have been quite widespread.

"How to Look Like Batman Using Your Cat" did not enjoy quite such broad popularity...perhaps because it was not as visually effective and more likely to result in injuries for the cat-wearer.

No risk of injury in our case- beyond those to personal dignity. Despite their love of virtual cats, my sons found posing for this photo to be mostly annoying.

An uncropped version of the photo: 

Below a child demonstrates how he thinks the napkins should be displayed.
...and uncharitably expresses his opinion of the whole maybe I should not notice while taking the picture.

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