Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cyberman with Breaded Cat

Cats & Robots #6:
No actual feline's dignity was compromised during the drawing of this image. We here at the Daily Napkins household do not condone or encourage the torturing of cats with toast, slices of pizza, tortillas or other bread products.

If you are blissfully ignorant of the "cat breading" (or "InBread" cats) meme....well... definitely don't spoil it by following one of these links:

Apparently this meme has been around since 2011.
That is a lot of annoyed cats.

If you are still reading this... you are probably wondering, why a Cyberman with a bread wearing cat?  I am afraid my pathetic justification is that I thought the square metal piping around the robot's head complemented the toast shape nicely. I had briefly considered using a Cylon from the first incarnation of "Battlestar Gallactica" as the humanoid robots were derisively called "toasters" by the actual humans on the show.  But that was a joke that would be completely lost on my sons. I have been almost entirely unable to convince them of the goodness of any vintage televisions shows beyond early episodes of the Simpsons, so I am about to propose watching Battlestar.

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