Friday, March 13, 2015

Attack on Titan Legend of Zelda Mashup

Link meets Colossal Titan Ganon:
My not very successful attempt to execute my older son's request for today.

Our sixth grade son eats in the cafeteria during the school year, so it is a special event for him to take a packed lunch with a napkin. There was much hand wringing last night about what sort of image he would want. 

I suggested a "Frozen"/"Attack on Titan" mashup as he has been belting out "Let it Go" constantly in recent weeks.  That idea was terribly abhorrent to him, of course, but led to the Link meets Colossal Titan concept.

I had been afraid that I was not capable of pulling off the Frozen/AoT combination on a two napkin evening....Clearly this combination was beyond me as well.

Archer looked at the napkin this morning and said, generously, "Well....It's KINDA cool...."

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