Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chopper from Star Wars Rebels and TrashCat

Internet Cats & Robots Day 5:
Grumps in cylinders.
Trashcat and C1-10P are not amused by their appearance on this napkin.

Trashcat's image and lack of amusement seems to have been a  2007 follow- up to 2003's "Limecat is not pleased." The catchphrases of "so and so is not amused, is not pleased, does not approve, etc" combined with images of surly looking cats or celebrities proliferated all over the web.  Or so I read, no one was sending me images of lolcats at the time.

This was another case of a pairing of cat and robot based mostly on shape....Although Chopper is a rather cranky droid, well known for both his lack of compliance and disapproval of human antics, so they do have the "disapproving entity in a can" characteristic in common.

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