Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Satan, Grim Reaper and Two Devils

Every first grade class at my sons' school does a poetry project around Valentines Day where they respond to the phrase, "Inside my heart lives..."  After reading several years worth of these poems posted on the bulletin board, I can offer the general observation that most often the kids describe their hearts as being occupied by pets, furry toys, the love of their family, rainbows and other comfortingly warm and  fuzzy things. 

Not so with my sons.  Our first son's poem four years ago was exclusively populated by his obsession of the time: Star Wars characters. Our second son has upped the ante by name-checking both the Prince of Darkness and Death himself. 

I set myself the task of making these particular heart inhabitants look warm and fuzzy.  Unfortunately, I misremembered the last two supporting characters as "devils" instead of "demons."  Perhaps I made this mistake because I really wanted to draw Tasmanian Devils instead of having to come up with cute cartoon devils.

The poem has been stapled on a public wall at school for several days, but I have not heard from the school psychologist yet.

He must be busy.

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