Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cocktail Napkin

This one is definitely a not-for-a-lunchbox-napkin.

Perhaps unwisely, I submitted an entry for a napkin drawing contest  run by an alcohol manufacturer.
The contest rules stipulated that the image should not be appealing to children, which seems contrary to the entire nature of the Daily Napkins enterprise.

I drew this one on an actual cocktail napkin, which was half the size and much less gratifyingly patterned that the 3 ply dinner napkins that I regularly use.

I think I can observe without too much self aggrandizement that I draw on napkins with more skill than the average person, and perhaps more even than the average person who has submitted a napkin for this particular contest.  (There are a few other people who draw on napkins several times a week, but only a few.- See  the "Other Napkins" page for some examples.)

But I suspect this is not the sort of thing the drink's advertising department was hoping for when they set up the contest.  And perhaps the way this image has turned out partially explains why I have not found much success in the world of commercial art so far.  The iconography of the drink in question involves lions, so this is what came to mind for least so far.

You can see the napkins entered in the contest at although you will need to attest to you age being more than 21 to enter the website.

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