Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Godzilla and Frenemies Play Ring Around The Rosie

Thanks to a string of unpleasant doctor and evaluator appointments and the need for bribery, we've been at Toy R Us twice in the last two weeks.

We were therefore able to view a whole wall of Godzilla 2014 toys on the first visit, and then go away and incubate a burning desire for Godzilla merchandise, only to return and discover that apocalyptically all of the 50 or so mid size Godzillas that shoot lasers from their mouths had been sold... or disappeared somehow....

Archer then decided that what he really needed was the "Giant Size" Godzilla.  (The size of a small child only, but it definitely would have required its own seat on the subway on the way home, had I been both deranged and able to afford such a thing)

I unilaterally ruled that the mini kaiju and villains/friends set made more financial and logistical sense.
I might even have bought them for myself .

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