Monday, June 24, 2013

The Lone Ranger and Batman

Que es mas macho?  Lone Ranger ou Batman?

For some reason, while raising small boys over the last ten years, the lyrics from a Laurie Anderson song from "Home of the Brave" frequently spring to my  sleep deprived and addled mind.  She asks repeatedly  "Que es mas macho?" about a series of pairs of items like pineapples and lightbulbs.  Everything and everyone has to be located on the macho scale of course, and super heroes are certainly not the exception.

Archer rarely wants to see movies in a theater, but the advertising campaign for "The Lone Ranger" remake has somehow caught his attention.  I had previously tried to interest him and his brother in watching a few minutes of the original series mostly for historical and sociological interest, and perhaps to explain my affection for the phrase "What do you mean "we" white man?"  But they wouldn't sit still for even a few seconds of it.  (Black and white television?  Nooooo!) 

I added Batman here because of the morally superior than thou vigilante in a mask parallel... and because I was feeling snarky.  Archer was not impressed, and I don't think his problem was my poor drawing of Batman...or that I really should have drawn the Nolan/Bale remake Batman here rather than the comic book blue and grey version.


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