Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"After Earth" Biosuit

Ansel had a burning desire to see "After Earth" which was definitely not shared by any other members of the family. As he had been subjected to a recent string of childhood illnesses, we decided to all indulge him by going to see the movie in a theater over the weekend. 

Both kids found the movie to be frightening (things are much scarier with large screens and Dolby sound)  although they felt fine about it afterwards.

The heavy handed messages of the film about negotiating a father/son relationship and learning to conquer one's fear, however, were thoroughly irrelevant for our kids.  Afterwards, their dad helpfully pointed out that the Jaden Smith character was respectful and treated his father like a commanding officer. Our older child shrugged and responded, "That was a movie, Dad!"

But Jaden Smith's costume was cool.  They didn't miss that.

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