Monday, June 24, 2013

SaicoTech from Teen Titans Trouble In Tokyo

Ansel probably requested this rather obscure character from the Teen Titans finale movie because he was planning to appear as him- or at least imaginatively in his costume- during recess today.  Both kids sometimes use the napkins as visual aids to explain to their friends what costume they are "wearing" for imaginative play.

Of course I let Ansel down as usual.  He asked for SaicoTech (pronounced "PychoTech")- a bad guy made entirely of ink- because his outfit was cool, but he didn't like the color scheme in the movie.  SaicoTech is originally clad in hot pink and aqua blue (definitely unacceptable) and then later in a yellow/black combination.  Ansel told me he wanted the later color scheme, and I congratulated myself for actually finding an actual image last night through the magic of Google (scrolling back through the DVD was definitely out of the question timewise)

Alas, Ansel didn't want the literal appearance of the character, he wanted me to draw his memory of it.

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