Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Connor The Assassin Gives Mabel and Dipper From Gravity Falls A Ride

We had watched a lot of "Gravity Falls" over the weekend while Ansel was quarantined with his viral and bacterial infections, so he asked for Mabel and Dipper to pose with his favorite homicidal video game character on Monday's napkin.

Since we had already done Batman holding the Gravity Falls siblings on his shoulders, (see image here) I felt the irrational urge to come up with some other arrangement for the three of them.  Having Connor give the two kids and the pet pig a horsey ride seemed about as implausible as having the three of them in the same image in the first place.  Mabel is game for anything, while Dipper's expression indicates that he knows this drawing is a bad idea. Perhaps Connor is just placidly waiting for his opportunity to slaughter another dozen Redcoats.  

Unsurprisingly, Ansel was not too impressed with this image, although he did remark, "You really looked carefully at Waddles the pig! You got the pink circle around his eye." This sounded very much like something his Kindergarten teachers might say to one of their students, and was about as close as we get to a compliment about my drawing.  

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