Friday, June 21, 2013

Teen Titans Raven with Teen Titans Go! Raven

Teen Titans Raven with Teen Titans Go! Raven:

Given the climate of Kindergarten chauvanism, Ansel rarely takes napkins that only feature female superheroes.
The sarcastic juvenile Raven on the right is much more age appropriate, but I am afraid that it was the chest on the adult version on the left that sold this napkin today

Raven appears in various levels of bodily exposure and facial obfuscation in the many iterations of the Teen Titans.  We have been reading the "New 52" Teen Titans, sort of.  I find it hard to follow, and my sons are mostly interested in what everyone is wearing and whether there are any new weapons for Red Robin. 

I considered adding a word bubble for the Raven on the right... something like "Nice outfit." or "Say Hi to Dad for me." but decided it was better to leave it alone. 

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