Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Classic Godzilla Versus "Pacific Rim"s Kaiju

If giant alien monsters attack the earth, no doubt humans will build enormous robots to punch them...or perhaps more plausibly, we will just ask Godzilla to come back and kick them to the curb?

My older son is pretty excited about the prospect of the giant robots in the upcoming film "Pacific Rim."  The monsters are pretty much just an excuse to suit up and pound as far as he is concerned.

I, however, think fondly of the time spent in my youth watching men in latex suits wrestle amid tiny cityscapes and smoke bombs. I gather from my five minutes of research last night that the monsters in the movie are called "Kaiju" just like the original giant movie monster Godzilla.

Having gratified myself, now I am going to have to draw the more challenging giant robot for tomorrow.

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