Monday, June 10, 2013

Archer The Gorgonite From Small Soldiers

We stumbled across "Small Soldiers" on television over the weekend.  I vaguely recall seeing it when it was released in 1998. 

Despite not having a small boy in my life at the time, I imagine that I went to see it because I had been sculpting doll and action figure parts for the toy industry and was also using them in my own work.  At the time, I found the movie, to be, shall we say, lacking in gender sensitivity and political correctness.  (It does have a rather remarkable voice cast for the toys, including many of the actors from "The Dirty Dozen" and "This is Spinal Tap.")

Of course, the stereotyped bad behavior of macho action figures is exactly what appealed to my sons.  At least they did immediately side with the oppressed Gorgonites over the sadistic human commandos. 

And the Gorgonite leader is named Archer, so that is really all one needs to know to explain Ansel's interest in the character.

Ansel was very unhappy with my first picture of him with Archer the Gorgonite.  I humored him and came up with one of Archer alone holding lunch items.

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