Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gizmo From Gremlins and Red Panda

Trying to avoid "Scooby Doo" reruns, we watched "Gremlins" over the weekend.

I think I must have seen the movie as a a seventeen year old back in 1984, and wasn't sure how appropriate it was going to be for my much younger than 17 year old  kids.  Like many other special effect driven movies from the eighties, it was much less scary than I remembered.  Although I suspect that viewing such a movie at home on a TV on Saturday morning with your mother there to prep you on what is coming up and reassure you that the main character is going to make it out intact makes almost any scary movie much less frightening.

(Note to my older son:  This does not mean that we will be watching anything from the "Alien" franchise any time soon)

My sons loved the graphic puppet violence.  Remember how the mother dispatches the gremlins in the kitchen in a motorized mixing bowl and the microwave?  I didn't.  Ansel was mostly concerned about Gizmo's welfare, he was not much moved by the plight of the human characters.  And Phoebe Cate's story about Santa Dad dead in the chimney?  Barely registered with my kids.

I'm not really sure what's going on with the red panda on today's napkin.  I may have to reinstate the one character per napkin rule during summer camp while I am doing two napkins a night.  Ansel wanted me to include a motorized Guinea Pig also, but I think I got into enough trouble with just the two and the strawberry.

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