Monday, July 8, 2013

Minions With The Alien And Eggs

Archer was dissatisfied with my previous attempt at pairing the minions with the Alien.  He wanted a particular narrative: the minions first being excited about something and then disturbed by the Alien.  I told him this was definitely asking a lot for a napkin and that I was not sure I could pull it off.

I seriously considered drawing the lovely green glowing cracked egg from the original ad campaign, but finally went with nasty eggs that were more true to the movie... But there are so many iterations of Aliens and Alien paraphernalia that it is hard to choose.  For instance, how many fingers does the average Alien have?   A 2 minute visit to Google yields several versions of the Alien hand. This is the sort of topic that I can't really dwell on at 11:30 on Sunday night.  My apologies for any lack of Alien accuracy.

The minions seem to only have three fingers... I am reasonably sure of that anyway.

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