Friday, July 26, 2013

Army Camouflage Bear with Cape

I'll admit that a trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop does not fill me with joy.

One of our kids has a condition that requires frequent blood tests with the drawing of multiple vials of blood...and generally children feel that there should be some sort of compensation for that sort of psychic and physical injury. 

I usually offer him the opportunity to go to a place that I would normally avoid at all costs in order  to choose a compensatory item. This often means a trip to the seventh circle of hell, otherwise known as the Times Square Toys R Us... or to Build-A-Bear.

Thus, we have at least a large garbage bag's worth of overpriced bears who can wear over priced clothing and interact with expensive furniture and accessories.  One or the other of the kids will occasionally bond with one of the bears for a few days, and this week, Ansel is focused on a camouflage green bear wearing a Dark Knight cape.

Here he is on a napkin, looking splotchy and vaguely Batman like. 
As you can see, I enjoyed the purple and green thing.

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