Friday, July 12, 2013

Gremlins' Gizmo With Spawn

Constantly infected by his older brother's enthusiasms, Ansel decided he was also interested in Spawn.

While Archer wants to see the R rated movie, (not going to happen) Ansel merely would like me to buy him some Spawn action figures from the 90's that he saw on the back of a old comic book. 

For the moment, I am very successfully resisting the urge to find out if such things are still available.  I got myself into trouble on a similar topic after we watched Gremlins.  That movie came out in 1984... that is 29 years ago, for those of you who are as geriatric and sleep deprived as I am.  But yet, one can easily find a Gizmo toy available on Amazon for about $13, maybe even with free shipping.  And when this toy from the early 80's arrives, its hands and feet will fall off because the glue holding it together gave out a decade ago.

This is to explain why Gizmo came to mind while I was drawing Spawn at midnight.
The combination seemed to make sense to Ansel this morning. 

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